The massacre of 14 October 1973 & 6 October 1976

The massacre of 14 October 1973, and 6 October, 1976 were the memorable history for Thai people. The government killed a thousand guiltless people with no morality for hide their corruption by legislation the act to control the people that against them, and who used his power to benefit for themselves,  this is not acceptable. The people want to rise the country up, but the government dose not care anything even the fall of the country. Even through, it is not good to bring this topic to talk in present day, it seems like to encourage and can bring these conflict back again.

In the past the administration was governed by the military, to accredited for themselves, to hide their mistake; corruption, want to be leader. This following information are about the communist in Thailand against the government’s policy and the government enforce to kill a thousand of guiltless people.

This was a long history of the Thai people against the government policies, which had the violent conflict fight. Thailand was changed from an Absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. In the period of Phraya Manopakorn Nititada the first prime minister of Thailand. Pridi Phanomyong presented the “Yellow Book”, (Reformation of Thai economic, financial, social structure.)” or called “Draft National Economic Plan” to the government and the king. He also wrote that, “This change is not only the change of administration and make a coup, but it is an economic evolution.” It made the king and Phraya Manopakorn against this ideology. Pridi accused that he was a communist.

The CPT (Communist Party of Thailand) strategy was encircled the city and possession of the city. Thai government was worried and wanted to destroy communism out of Thailand. It was caused of The Massacre of 14 October 1973, more than 500,000 students from various universities, farmer, labor, or Thai people around the country were demonstrating against the corruption of government and exile Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorm, Praphas Charusathien and Narong Kittikajorn at Thammasat University, Sanam Luang, and the Democracy monument. The militaries bombard from the helicopter. Students who tried to surrender were forced to lie on the ground. Numerous were shot to death and then hanged by the military and the Red Gaur (a group of youth, who were anti-communism.) By the official count from the government was 40 people died, 100 people were wounded, and 3,000 people were arrested.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej had a speech to broadcast on the Television Pool of Thailand that Thanom Kittikachorm, Praphas Charusathien and Narong Kittikajorn were already out of Thailand. Then the students were stop and cease fighting.

After that the Bangkok post and Dao Siam Newspaper had a big headline that the communist student mock hanged the model of the Crown Prince. The truth was the officer of Electricity Authority in Nakorn Phatom province, he posted the poster that against the gov., then he arrested and hanged and burned by the police on 25 September,1976.
So, the students were just set the performance to reminded, what was the government did to them. But, the news headline was accused the student that the perfomer looks like the Crown Prince. Some people said, the Dao Siam newspaper was manipulated the picture.

However the Thai army accused the student that they lese majesty and made the massacre again in 6 October, 1976. The return of Thanom Kittikachorm made the student protest again. There were a movement of Thai students, workers, or discussion in various Bangkok’s universities, or another province to attack the government and banished Thanom Kittikachorm. The movement of the communist at this time was more violently anger. At first, they were demonstrated at the Sanam Luang, then they moved in Thammasat University. Meanwhile, the police and militaries with weapons attacked the campus at Thammasat University to stop the student movement. They closed all exits and shot every student that resisted. Even the student were begging them to stopped shooting them, but the polices and militaries did not stop. The students were running away from the police that was bombarded. Some of the student could not fight with seriously injured and execute by hanged them. Some were burnt on the Ratchadumnern Road. Some were tortured and indecent assault on woman by militaries frontier.  Several were beaten to death and then hanged. Those who attempted to escape by jumping into the Chaophraya River were shot at from naval vessels. A nurse student, was shot while trying to swim to save her life.
This crisis which was the communist against the government, and numerous of people were death.

The fall of communism in Thailand. Three thousand people of communist were arrested and executed. The left had to escape themselves out of the coup border, in the deep forest. After this massacre made more repression of the communist.

The Third Screens Have Come to Replace Traditional Television

Most of people in nowadays, get the daily news with the mobile devices. It is more comfortable than watching television, because we have no time to watch in rush hours day. The new technologies are rapidly increasing influence in Thai society. So, the third screens have come to replace television.

Television is the first screen that is a telecommunication medium, which is visual signal for transmit and receive the information. Second screen is Computer. The third screens are all the mobile devices; Laptops, Smart phones, Tablets, Iphones, Ipads. That can carry it everywhere and make you comfortable to communication, and possible to use this screen to do many things than simply watch television. The mobile device industries want their products to become the center of the digital universe or the key of everything in the world. So, theses new devices have come to replace traditional television in an age of the technologies are changing the world. Television has become less popular in Thailand obviously. Television is one of the furniture in the living room, or the basic goal for TV is to get as many people as possible to mindless watch hours and hours of advertisement or variety shows. Everyone ignored it, because we have no time to watch it, so we have to use the third screen to help us to know what’s the world is happening now.

Between 1960’s-2000 in Thailand, television is the most popular media in that period. Later, Reality Television show like Academy Fantasia in Thailand, and situation comedy; Pen-Tor, Thai soap opera, or another countries show like American idol, or The Voice UK. The most popular American TV Series; Glee, Lost, Grey’s anatomy, True Blood have became more popular in Thailand.For Thai people,who don’t have the HBO, or Fox or other countries’s cable, or if  I missed the show on that time, I can watch it later on YouTube. YouTube became popular in 2005, which are everyone can upload the videos; music videos, review of TV show; TV Series, movies etc. in YouTube or another Online Television sites. Second cause is Google, Google is the search engine became the most popular in 2004. Google+ and web browser Chrome allow YouTube videos to be viewed from within the Google+ interface. And the next cause is the New Generation. Generation Y was born in 1980’s-1990, grew up with technologies, and prefers to communicate by using email, text messaging rather than face to face contact, also with online technologies. These causes are strongly effecting to Television, or Decreased rate of television viewers.


 So now, 2013 it is not the time of old media decline, but guess for the future, everything is going to be the online world.

The Negative Impacts of The New Technologies and Related to the Social Media in Our Society

At this point, the new technologies are having an increasing influence in Thia society, which are strongly impact to Thai’s culture, society, and economy. Particularly marked in teenager group, 13-20 ages. The communication technologies have developing in nowadays as; PCs, laptops, smart phones, Ipods, Ipads, Tablets and all of the technologies that can connect with wireless or internet.

The social media is the software, which are intermediate for human communication. These technologies are in place by Social Media and the biggest the influence that communication technology has,the more it is going to change the way the social media field is played. You can see everywhere, the people all around the world have to use these technologies to communicate and accessible. It makes your life more comfortable and easy for everyone to share their lives on social media.The problems are in nowadays, the people carry their phone everywhere, to accessing the sites or applications that they want to communicate with.

Social media have many different forms, for example,  1. Communication: Blogs: Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal  Internet forums Social networking: Facebook, Hi5, Twitter, Path, MySpace, Tagged.  Location-based social networks: Facebook places, Foursqure, Google Latitude2. Collaboration: Wikis: Wikipedia  Social bookmarking: Stumpedia, Goggle Reader  Social News: Digg, Newsvine 3. Multimedia: Photography sharing: Flickr, Photobucket, Instagram, Picasa  Video sharing: YouTube, Metacafe, Socialcam, Vimeo  Livecasting: Skype, Ustream, YouTube, Socialcam  Music sharing: imeem, Sharethemusic, MySpace Music A communication technologies are friendly with social media, is one way to adapt to this combination, but a far more useful way is the strongest impact to the society is Social Network. When I was 11 years old, was beginning to use computer, first website that my friend sent to me is Zorpia, tagged, myspace, later was Hi5. Hi5 was the first and the most popular social networking site in Thailand. The basic features are friend network, user group, status update (wall posting), instant messaging, picture sharing, can check the number of visitors. 

In the year of 2008 until today. Social media is the most powerful sources of news update through the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups,like communities or a neighborhood subdivision. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online. People want to find out not only what their friends are doing, but also their location and other available activities in the area. The most of these technologies now include GPS, and have an always on, always connected all the time. 

Nevertheless, we already know that what the benefits or the positive impacts of the new technologies or the social media are, but this article is going to present about the negative impacts of the social media in our society; Users are addicted on chatting more than texting on the phones. Social media cannot be used as an official mean of communication, and also becoming a replacement for the other kinds of media (Old Media; Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Television, Radio.) Even Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking is quickly updating the news, but the the sources of news are less accurated. Social media induces violence subliminally to teenagers through online games and advertisements. Social media, via advertisement, has often misled and manipulated reality and intruded personal privacy of the users by showing personal information on their web pages. Almost of Thai’s adults and Thai’s teenagers who are using social media or we can called as “Internet”: watching violence media, it may cause of negative effects on psychological health of common citizens.  All the topic posts that are from Internet forums or blogs, for example; all the topic lead to harm the reputation of a section of society or spoil someone’s reputation, political conflict, or Adult’s posting their pornography on their sites without consideration. (Illegal sites) etc. Another important factor is: Children or teenage seem pay less attention to their education and family. And the most dangerous thing is online predators, One may easily become victim of online criminals, who claim to be someone that they are not i.e. hackers, pedophiles, stalkers.

To conclude, the new communication technology is creating for make us comfortable to communicate, which are easily to communicate and can share our lives to our friend or family to know about what am I doing now…. But it also has positive and the negative impacts. Social media is inescapable in today’s society, parents should take responsibility for their children by teach them what the good or bad things are.

Is the Pleasure the only value? Hedonism VS. Pluralist

Hedonism, they believe that,” the highest good is pleasure” as the absence of pain or suffering, taught by Epicurus’s Greek Philosopher. Pleasure is make our life worthwhile and which includes intellectual, social, and moral and ethic activities. We should attempt to achieve as much as pleasure as we can. Pleasure and pain broadly, such that both physical and mental phenomena are included. Happiness is nothing more than the experience of pleasure, for example; expectation of pleasure, the memory of pleasure. It’s like, if you recall a time in the past when you were happy, you will notice that you were doing something that you enjoyed or satisfying, it’s like planning some future pleasure. It is not just to make a decision by organizing today, but we want to make it for our whole life.

When we talk about the way to pursuit of pleasure, it can take many forms; someone love to live with their family and providing for their family, some people love to enjoy with art, music, or literatures.

The simple term of “Pleasure” in Hedonism is encompassed many thing with happiness or pleasure. Pleasure for Hedonism is mean happiness. Happiness is very important to connect with pleasure even though the pleasure can be in the past, present, or future. It’s the ultimate reason for living to achieve happiness, which is the same as pleasure. For example, when we want to help someone, it means we give someone pleasure, because it is enjoyable to help someone or because not helping others leads to guilt or do the bad thing.Everyone wants to live with their happy life. It’s like Human want the 4 factors of life are; Food, Shelter, Medicine, Clothing. It’s a natural of human being to live for surviving with happiness no suffering and get pain.  So we don’t want to have pain or suffering in our lives, to learning the mistakes from our experience in the past and apply to present day and can be planning for the future.

In contrast, even if Pluralist has the same target or in another word as,”the goal of life” as Hedonism. But, “Pluralist”, They believed that life is not just a value of “Pleasure”. Pluralis is complexity or theoretical sophistication. There are many values other than pleasure of Pluralist: They have two main concepts are ‘Personal value’ and ‘Social value’. It is only what people interest in when they intend for their goal. If people’s target is on the ends, then most of their answer will leads to pleasure and happiness. But what if people aim is on the means, for example, doctor or people with highly educated value are ‘knowledge’, then what they really interest in is how to solve a scientific problems and the new information they will get. Survival, health, personal growth, creativity, excellence, beauty, freedom, knowledge are some examples of personal value that are the different of pleasure. Each one leads to pleasure, but each of them are not the same. Freedom and knowledge cannot relate together. Second one is Social values, where love, relationship, leadership, esteem, justice, harmony, devotion to God, and nature are an example of them. All these values relate to ‘moral value’ or can be called as “virtues”, they shaped our behavior. In a way, the word “pleasure” refers to a physical sensation or reaction to stimuli or anything that make you feels happy. Then if you watching a TV, looking for excellence, seeks for justice and so many other things as well won’t be long any pleasure to an individual.

To conclusion, as my opinion, Both of these 2 groups have the same target of life is happiness. But for Hedonism as the word as “Pleasure” is mean happiness for their idea. For the opposite side is Pluralist, the word of pleasure is mean; hope, wish or desire. So these 2 group have the same target and different meaning of the word “Pleasure”. So they had conflict with each other. Pluralist thinks Hedonism is simplicity or common sense, they oversimplified the fact of value in term of everything relate to pleasure. Otherwise, Hedonism thinks, Pluralist just make the value,or rules of life with complicated sense.

Toconclude, All human being, or the living thing want to live with happiness, no one want to live with pain or suffering. It just depend on how to rule yourself, good way or bad way………..